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This section will be used to give information for those in coaching. The Twitter feed box below contains links that might be of interest to coaches - sessions, articles, ideas etc. For coaches at all levels we would encourage them to begin their journey on the FAI coaches pathway (




Cherry Orchard FC YouTube channel is live!

We have added a lot of videos we feel may be of interest to our coaches and players - from warm-ups and coaching drills to discussions on the merits of particular systems of play. Feel free to log on the Cherry Orchard channel and have a look for inspiration or confirmation of your practices! If you see anything on youTube that you think should be included contact us by the email

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Receiving, turning and awareness exercise

AE 1

This exercise can be used to demonstrate, practise and coach many skills and features. The set up as shown in the above pictures involve a simple pass into a receiver who turns out (first player goes right, next player will go left and so on). He then passes to the player at the cone and takes his place, while the player receiving the pass then dribbles or runs-with-the-ball up to join in the line at the “first” cone. The next player to receive the pass will go left and the exercise continues. It is important to coach the "mechanics" of the skills - i.e. if it's passing: demonstrate - standing foot beside the ball, strike through the middle of the ball, follow through in the direction of the target, repeat on "non-favourite" foot.

Receiving developments:

·       The player dribbling with the ball can be asked to perform a “trick” or a skill on the way to joining the first cone e.g. step-over, double drag-back, Cryuff turn etc.

·       The change of possession between players can become a 1-2. So player 1 passes to player 2 who plays a first time ball back to player 1 who then plays the pass to player 3. Player 3 then plays to player 2 who plays the ball ahead of player 3 to encourage the dribble.

Turning developments

·       The first receiver (player 2 in the illustrations) can be asked to turn with one touch.

·       The first player receiving can then be asked to use different surfaces to turn with one touch: e.g. outside of the right foot, inside of the left foot etc.

·       Player one can serve in the air to encourage a chest-turn, thigh-turn, head-turn etc.


·       Having built up the idea of turning with one touch – we can now test the awareness of the receiving player of what is behind him i.e. has he lost the defender? Where is the space?

·       The coach stands behind the middle cone and line of players and hold an arm up to signal the direction he wants the player to turn – e.g. right arm up: turn right, left arm up: turn left.

·       To demonstrate the effect of turning into a defender – as the first pass is being played the coach can shuffle left or right to intercept and the receiver must be aware of the “free space” and turn into it.


Scoring zone drill


Coaching resource

For coaches at all levels, there are some interesting and useful drills, excercises etc on We would encourage all coaches, managers and players to have a look at this resource and pass on any useful practices you find.



The video clip below is an illustration of a back four moving and defending as a unit.

The video below gives an example of how patient build up is required to create and then exploit space